We provide electromechanical solutions to various industries through our “systems approach” that synergises mechananical, electronics, controls and software engineering tools.

            Our systems approach helps to view a solution that is optimal in nature among the various options available.  We analyse a problem with the design, simulation and finally test the solution.

            We commence by capturing the design specifications and the real needs of the customer for a particular application. With the help of the specifications, we make a mathematical model of the system under consideration. This mathematical model encapsulates the dynamic behaviour of the pertinent components of the system. This virtual model now serves as a platform for testing control algorithms in order to meet the requirements of the control law

            This approach allows to analyse the performance of the system well before the prototyping activities begin and helps to make critical changes in design at a nascent stage.For example, is the actuator of a robotic arm providing sufficient force to hold a glass of water without breaking it? Are multiple actuators synchronised well enough to complete a requisite displacement profile of the end effector?

            The virtual model is subjected to several test runs in order to evaluate the stability considering the operating envelope and the duty cycle of the real world

            We also provide services to prototype the proof of concept. With the help of the above cycle, we are able to focus on a robust design that it will meet or exceed requirements at reduced cost and in a short time frame.